Creation of websites

‘I would like to have a website but I think it's too expensive. Not only will a website cost me a lot of money, but the maintenance will also cost me a fortune every year!'
False! I can make a good quality website for you for a fair price, and for the maintenance of your website you only have to pay for the time I spend. I can even teach you how to do it yourself!
How do I work?
I start with listening to your needs: what information you want to communicate, what ideas you have, what images you have.
Next we will together define the outlines of your site: how can we present the information in a logical structure and what design fits the information and your wishes. Don't forget: communication with images is very important. Images can say more than words, so they need to be of good quality. I can also do the photography if needed. And if you need a logo to be done, or other graphic design, I work with several good graphic designers.
To increase your client range I can take care of the translation of your website: to french, dutch or german. I can also add a blog to be able to exchange information with your clients. And of course we can connect your website to a Facebook page.
Last but not least I will organise webhosting and a domain name, I will do everything necessary to optimise the search engine settings.
When your site is finished I can do the maintenance: publish news, update information, change pictures, etcetera,
or I can teach you to do this yourself.

All-inclusive package:

  • personalised design
  • responsive (multi platform)
  • advice on how to structure your information
  • social media
  • photography
  • placing of videos, sounds, slideshows, google maps
  • creating and sending of e-mailings
  • search engine optimalisation (SEO)
  • translation to french, dutch and german
  • updates by Lounamatic or by yourself


Basic website

  • 5 pages
  • 10 photographs (provided by customer, to be approved)
  • Contact form
  • Google maps
  • Personalised design
  • Search Engine Optimalisation (SEO)
  • Responsive

790 €


Geolocalisation 30 €
Photography as for quote
Slideshow 30 €
Social media (creation and/or connection) 30 € / 90 €
News 30 €
Newsletter 90 €
Portfolio as quoted
Google analytics 30 €
Update SEO 150 €
Graphic design acc. to quote
Placing of videos from 30 €
Creation video (collaborator)
acc. to quote
Multilingual site 60 €
Translation (dutch, french, german)

acc. to quote


1. Lessons software programme

    + 5 hours of After-Sales Services

300 €
additional hour 35 €
2. 10 hours maintenance pack 300 €
or per hour 35 €